Insurance & Reinsurance


Garza Tello & Asociados, S.C. is an internationally well recognized law firm by its work quality in legal services rendered to Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, both Domestic and International. Garza Tello is one of the few law firms in Mexico with the experience, know-how and personnel capable to professionally attend any kind of claim in Mexico regardless of the insurance/reinsurance area and quantum.

We have represented all the major insurance companies in Mexico, and we have represented directly or through other International Law Firms in London or the US, Reinsurers from around the world including the major Lloyds Syndicates.

With the purpose of providing a full service to our clients involved the Insurance and Reinsurance market, our lawyers are specialized and have provided legal assistance to our clients in the following areas:

Subrogation in the following transportation areas:

Our internal structure allows us to provide our clients with specialized and personalized attention and assistance in both legal consultation and litigation.

Garza Tello & Asociados, S.C. has always maintained that insurance cases should be resolved amicably, following the principle of uberrima bona fidei, therefore we always try to achieve amicable settlements before having to incur into long and costly judicial proceedings, and we are glad that we have successfully contributed to accomplish out of court negotiations and settlements saving our clients important amounts of money and obtaining quick cancellation of reserves.

We have been proud to see that companies that have requested our services for small and sporadic legal advise, have now became stable clients of the firm and we have been able to assist them not only in their largest cases, but also in a day-to-day basis in their small cases. This has been possible not only because of the quality of our legal services, but also because we are aware of the importance of having our clients duly informed of their cases and being available to answer their queries at any time.

Garza Tello & Asociados, S.C. has been involved in the major insurances losses in Mexico including coverage disputes following hurricane Wilma in 2005 with massive losses at the Riviera Maya area and more recently with hurricane Alex at the industrial area of the North of Mexico.